Tensei Shoujo/Shounen
Character Design cosMo
Character Information
Name Tensei Shoujo/Shounen
Gender Female/Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Status Alive
Tensei Shoujo is a character that first appears in the song Tensei Shoujo to Tensei Shounen. She is represented by the vocaloid Kagamine Rin




Watching Maigo Shoujo with her boyfriend from afar is Tensei Shoujo (Reincarnated Girl). She is jealous, wishing that it was her beside the person she loved. She hate how she cannot do anything but watch, because like Maigo Shoujo, she is also a girl.

Stella System grants her wish, she was turned into a boy and is now having a relationship with Maigo Shoujo. Happy days continues, but Tensei Shounen (Reincarnated Boy) soon get bored of it. He feels like something is missing, and after a while, he remembers that he is actually a girl. He is now torn apart between to return into reality or to keep on living in the illusion. Inside the confusion, he suddenly remembers Maigo Shoujo's smile. With that, he realize what is truly important for him, and set his mind to go back to the real world. Saying goodbye to the illusions, he cross the train tracks. Behind him, Maigo Shoujo calls and shouts something to him, but unfortunately her voice is drowned in the loud siren. He turns his back to see her face for the last time, but before he can do that, the train passes between them.

Returning to reality, Tensei Shoujo can only remain as Maigo Shoujo's best friend, and wish for her happiness.

Personality and traitsEdit