Shuudou Shoujo/Guuzou Shoujo
Syuudou thumb
Character Design cosMo
Character Information
Name Shuudou Shoujo/Guuzou Shoujo
Gender Female
Hair color Cyan
Eye color Blue
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Status Alive
Shuudou Shoujo/Guuzou Shoujo is a character that first appears in the song Shuudou Shoujo to Guuzou Shoujo. She is represented by the vocaloid Hatsune Miku




Shuudou Shoujo (Nun Girl) is a nun in a local church, but she does not understand what her work is about. Everytime the priest is away, she would just have her break time. One day, her 'computer guide' asked her to try being an Idol Girl. She accepts, and she transformed into an online Idol. A lot of people loved her, but slowly her fans were growing sparse and starts saying bad things to her. 

As she holds a dagger, she remembers that before she became a nun, she used to be an idol; she used to be popular but also used to be hated--she also once tried to commit suicide. In panic, she goes back to the church and tries to cut her wrist, but the priest comes back and in confusion she accidentally stabs him. She then regrets what she did, begging for forgiveness and returns back to being a nun.

Personality and traitsEdit



  • Her symbol is a Knife and a Computer
  • She meet "Miku" and "Asano" and that's reason she is wear a twintail.