Mou Hitotsu no Maigo Shoujo
Original 「もう一つの迷子少女」
Romaji 「Mou Hitotsu no Maigo Shoujo」
English "Another Lost Girl"
Singer(s) GUMI, Camui Gackpo
Release Date August 25, 2011
Album(s) Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Preceded by Iede Shounen to Maigo Shoujo
Mou Hitotsu no Maigo Shoujo (「もう一つの迷子少女」 - "Another Lost Girl") is a bonus track from Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo. It was released on August 25, 2011 and has reached 90,000 views.


Dr. Realist approaches Maigo Shoujo, who is wandering around the town. He asks her what she is doing alone, to which she answers that she has lost something important and is looking for it. Realist then helps Maigo Shoujo find her lost thing by leading her to the railroad crossing.
















 「Where could you have gone」

 「What happened to you」

 「What became of you in the end」


☆「Good evening, young lady」

☆「Just what could you be doing tottering around by yourself at this hour?」

 「I've lost something, something very important that I forgot about.」

☆「Oh, you lost something?
  Honestly to me, you look more like a lost child someone should be searching for.」

---I don't know, I just don't know!!---

☆「You'd best wait a moment. What you're looking for isn't there.」


☆「I know what reality is like」

☆「Well, please step this way
  The reality you must face is right here」



  • This is the only Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo bonus track uploaded into Nico Nico Douga.
    • It's also the only bonus track from that album which have a PV.
  • When this track was first uploaded, it was originally called "Maigo Shoujo to Ryuusei Shinshi" (迷子少女と流星紳士 - Lost Girl and Meteor Gentleman).
  • In the PV, Dr. Realist is shown in his early design.


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