Maigo Shoujo
Maigo thumb
Character Design cosMo
Character Information
Name Maigo Shoujo
Gender Female
Hair color Green [PV]/ Olive [Book]
Eye color Green [PV]/ Olive [Book]
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Status Dead
Maigo Shoujo (Maigo Shoujo) is a character that first appears in the song Iede Shounen to Maigo Shoujo. She is represented by the Megpoid Gumi




Maigo Shoujo (Lost Girl) is shown to be wandering around the town, searching for someone who ran away. She searches for him in a lot of places, saying she would slap him in the face and maybe cry a little. She even wonders if he really does run away, or is this something she is supposed to remember. Once she reached the railroad crossing, she remembers that the boy had been hit by a train. She stands on the train tracks, wanting to go to the boy's place.

Personality and traitsEdit



  • Her symbol is a Train.
  • Maigo in the Real world and Maigo in tensei world is merge to be the same one. [Info from novel]
  • Tensei seeing maigo death.