Doushin Shoujo
Dousin thumb
Character Design cosMo
Character Information
Name Doushin Shoujo
Gender Female
Hair color Deep Irish Green
Eye color Deep Green
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Status Dead
Doushin Shoujo (Doushin Shoujo) is a character that first appears in the song Doushin Shoujo to Otona Sekai. She is represented by the Megpoid Gumi




Doushin Shoujo (Childish Girl) is an adult and works in an office. She hates being a grown-up, busy and unable to play anymore. Nostalgia hits her and she becomes depressed, wanting to run away from this reality.

Stella System guides her to a 'hole', erasing her memories and turning her back into a child.

Now a child again, she starts to run with her friends. Everyone becomes tired, and she wishes upon a great star to give them new toys to be played. The next day, a giant hole opens up in the sky and from there fell junks which they use to build a secret base, which continues to grow into a small town called Paradise Town.

Slowly, they become out of control and started to create things like pistols, cannons, and other dangerous things, and because of carelessness, someone 'died a little'. Not wanting to make the same mistakes, they decided to create a new set of rules to divide time between working and playing. The new system keeps the town peaceful, but they are not having fun anymore. It was then, Doushin Shoujo realized that Paradise Town has now become the adult world she so much hated.

She couldn't accept the fact that the secret base has long disappeared. Seeing a hole, she jumps into it, thinking that she would go back being a child again, while she was actually jumping into a sewer under construction.

Personality and traitsEdit



  • Her Symbol is Gear.
  • She does met Denpa Shoujo and Bouken Shoujo in her world.