Denpa Shoujo
Denpa thumb
Character Design cosMo
Character Information
Name Denpa Shoujo
Gender Female
Hair color Red/Pink
Eye color Green
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Status dead
Denpa Shoujo is a character that first appears in the song Bouken Shoujo to Hakoniwa Yuugi. She is represented by the vocaloid Hatsune Miku




Living inside the Fantastic Garden was Denpa Shoujo (Radio Girl), a girl who hated the fearsome world called "Reality".  One day, monsters from Reality began an invasion; but with her magical pen, Denpa Shoujo drew her comrades to protect her home. After blowing all the stages, they finally arrived at the last boss, which is Dr. Realist. He asked if Denpa Shoujo has the motivation to return to "Reality" knowing this world is just a "Fiction". She refused and with her comrades, she launched an all-out attack on Dr. Realist, defeating "Reality" and returning peace to the world. After the end credits roll, she decided to continue protecting this world.

Personality and traitsEdit

She is lazy with a great imagination as she did draw her friend (DJ Bear,Mr.Gold Cloud,Dotted-Dragon,Marshmallow-like creature etc.) and she's a hikikomori (didn't going to school due to living with her grandpa) as depicted in the novel.



  • Her symbol is a Magical Pen.
  • She living with her grandfather.
  • She got the pen because she try to pull the sword (possibly as an excaliber parody) and then the sword transform into a magical pen.
  • She got kicked out from the village she lived to defeat the boss (Dr.Realist).
  • She does meet Doushin shoujo when she been transport to "Doushin" world.