Byoushitsu no Shoujo to ☆
Original 「病室の少女と☆」
Romaji 「Byoushitsu no Shoujo to ☆」
English "Hospital Room Girl and ☆"
Singer(s) Camui Gackpo
Release Date
Album(s) Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Byoushitsu no Shoujo to ☆ (「病室の少女と☆」 - Hospital Room Girl and ☆) is a bonus track from Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo.


The sound of an electrocardiogram which gives no more sign of life from the little girl fills the room. Dr. Realist has finally arrived in said room only to find himself a little too late to meet her. He praises her bravery and strong will to face reality, and regrets her death; saying that she could be the most important key to rescue Stella if only her live had lasted longer.

With empty hands, he leaves the room to meet the next girl; hoping for a tragedy like this to not happen again.










☆「What's this... it looks like I was too late」

☆「This girl had the will strong enough to face reality」

☆「This girl's light could have become eternal,
  and we would finally have had the key to saving Stella.」

☆「It is most unfortunate」

☆「As much as Stella can bend reality
  there is no way that you can avoid the reality of "death"」

☆「She is a goddess of lies after all」

☆「Well then, I should keep going. There's no use staying here like this. I cannot allow something like this to happen again.」




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